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Ultimate Antarctica 

Come and join me on the ULTIMATE Sub-Antarctic Adventure

My Greatest Travel Experience

Antarctica is the Coldest, Windiest and Most Wild part of our planet.  It was also the greatest travel experience I have had!

Come and join me on an expedition filled with Adventure, Science and Wildlife like you've never imagined :) 


A Once in a Lifetime Adventure

From landing on beaches with tens of thousands of King Penguins to Snorkelling and Stand Up Paddleboarding among Ice-Bergs as Hump Backs breach in the distance.  

Nothing is normal (or guaranteed) on a trip like this, but check out our itinerary here


Why Book Here

This was such a life-changing experience that I want to share it with other like-minded people (who are also up for an adventure!).

I have secured a discounted rate for those who travel with me and I would also love to organise Meet-Ups before our expedition; covering Photography Workshops, Camera Gear Discounts & Polar Stand-Up-Paddleboarding practice! 

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